My school would like to pay for my membership. How do I set this up?

You have 3 options regarding payment for a yearly membership when your school is willing to pay. Please note that we do not accept monthly payment options from schools. 

  1. If your school plans to pay by credit card, they will need to input their card into your account. They can do this by going to MY ACCOUNT and then clicking on PAYMENT METHODS where they can update the card information. Make sure they set the new card as the default card. A reminder that this can only be done if you've set up your membership as a yearly membership.
  2. If your school wants to reimburse you, we will charge your card that we have on file and they can reimburse you. Of course, we will provide you with a receipt!
  3. If your school plans to use a purchase order, please have your school request a quote by clicking here.
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