I'm not getting my monthly coupon code emails

There are several reasons why you might not be receiving your weekly "What's Happening" emails.

The simplest is that your email provider might be hiding them in your Spam Folder or if you're using a Gmail address, in your Promotions Folder.  Please search for our email address "caitlinandjessica@ebacademics.com" or your weekly Sunday email titled "EB Teachers' Club - What's Happening" or for the keywords "[EB Teacher]" or "Bundle Issue" from our monthly emails and you can often find them.  The monthly bundle issue emails come out the first day of the month or the last business day before the first of the month if it falls on a weekend.

If you've updated your email address through your dashboard, our email provider will still be sending your emails to the original email address you registered for the program with.  If you need to update your email address, please email us at caitlinandjessica@ebacademics.com so we can make sure your emails get updated too.

If you're using a school email address, it's possible that your school firewall is blocking the emails from coming through.  Please try adding "caitlinandjessica@ebacademics.com" to your school address book, contacting your IT department (we can provide a list of IP addresses to whitelist if needed), or contacting us via email to use a personal email address instead.

If you've unsubscribed from our emails, you'll need to send us an email so we can re-subscribe you!  Please indicate if you only wish to receive the emails with your coupon codes and not the special offers or contests or other emails we usually circulate.

If you continue to have issues receiving your coupon codes, please email us so we can help!

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