My screen has a bunch of weird codes! What is this?

So, your screen looks like an alien is trying to communicate with you? Not to worry!

Sometimes this happens when you're connected to a school-owned private network, software, or hardware.
We know that it may have only just started, whereas it was working perfectly a week ago. Keep in mind that your school may have made changes or updates to its internet security.

Important questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you logging in from a school device at school?
  • Are you logging in from a school device at home?
  • Are you logging in from a personal device at school?
  • Are you able to log in from a personal device on your home network?

If any of the issues are connected to something happening at school (whether it be the network OR the computer, itself), your school likely has a firewall blocking our content.

Your IT team will need to approve or whitelist the sites we run in order to access and view at school. Please let your IT department know that the following domains can be added to the whitelist.

  • (Allow all subdomains and folders. Add full wildcards).
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