Why isn't the Google Slides copying to my school Google Drive?

So, you're trying to make a copy of the Google Slides, but you're being asked to request permission with your other Google account? No worries! Many of us use several email addresses on a daily basis, so we know how it feels when you realize you've used the wrong one.

The issue you're having is coming from either the Google Chrome browser, or the Google Chrome window.

What we mean is, there are two places to sign in to Chrome. When you visit Google.com, you can sign in to your Google account within the tab/window that you're in. The second place to sign into Chrome is up on the browser's header.
You may be signed into your school's information in one area, but signed into your personal email in the other area.

To help better explain this, we've attached an image of what we're referring to.

Image 1: Normal View ^

Image 2: Close Up ^

You'll want to make sure that you're signed into the correct Google account in both areas. This way there's no issue when copying the Google Slides into your school Google account.

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