Why isn't the Google Slides copying to my school Google Drive?

So, you're trying to make a copy of the Google Slides, but you're being asked to request permission with your other Google account? No worries! Many of us use several email addresses on a daily basis, so we know how it feels when you realize you've used the wrong one.

This can happen when you are signed into your Chrome browser with one account and also signed into multiple Google accounts within your window(s)/tab(s).

In order to ensure your file will save to your school account, you need to make sure you are only signed into your school account in both Chrome and in any window/tab.

To do this, sign out of all Google accounts from your window (Hint: Access your Google Drive and locate your larger profile picture in your window. Click it to see the option below)

Now, once you attempt to make a copy of a resource again, you will be able to select the Google account (i.e. your school account) that you want the resource to save to. 

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